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So this project was interesting and sadly I don't have any before staging photos. It started out as just a staging job in a condo on the...

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hi Again,
You may remember that toward the end of last year I did a post advertising decorating for Christmas. I was hoping that it might bring in some fun festive decorating work even though the traditional Christmas thing isn't really as big in Maui as it is in Chicago. 

Well one day while staging a gorgeous home in Kihei, I received a call from a Sales Executive from the Hyatt Residence Club. He wanted to surprise one of his best clients by having a decorated Christmas tree waiting in the penthouse when the family arrived just before Christmas. 

Woohoo! I landed a gig! I shopped for the decorations and someone else provided the tree. On December 17th myself and my assistant (who is fondly known as my husband Peter) set up and decorated this Christmas tree. It would have been fun to really Christmas the whole place up but only the tree was needed. However, what a gorgeous place to work with ocean views to die for. (sadly no snow, lol). Peter even brought the Christmas music to set the mood. 

(later we were told that the client loved it) Which of course made me very happy.


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Wailea Ekahi Village

Aloha again, 
I know it's been awhile. I am still fighting with the whole blog/online marketing program, Aaaanyway, toward the end of last year I landed a fun job to update a condo at Wailea Ekahi Village. The owner didn't want to do any serious remodel at this time but was really keen on giving it a new fresh look. So of course I was happy to jump in.
Here are some before and after photos of the living and dining area's and the bedroom.

Once we cleared out all the furniture, removed the dining room chandelier and the sconces next to the bed, I chose a lovely blue/grey color to paint the walls. I used Will Paint who is a great painter and all around great guy to work with. I also worked with Darla from Lahaina Carpet and Interiors to replace the window treatments.

The only downside for me was that the owners wanted to accessorize the condo on their next visit to Maui. Well I guess I can't blame them, that's the really fun part because it's when everything finally comes together. Hey ho. 
So these photos look a bit cold without the final accessories although we photoshopped some pictures on the walls and I threw a few of my own in to help.  :)

What a difference a splash of paint and a few new pieces of furniture can make right?

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